Hanging around for a bit of sex

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Birdwings mating

Pen with birdwing butterflies

Pen was gardening yesterday when a pair of birdwing butterflies, firmly locked in the embrace of Eros, landed on her arm.

Sex is tough for the female birdwing. The boyfriend locks his organs into hers then hangs upside down, wings folded, while she flies around, carrying him.

A couple of updates

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Our Banded Hornets' nest is gone.

My most recent post – Who Robbed the Coucals? – suggested that maybe it was Asian Giant Hornets or Banded Hornets that broke into the nest of our pair of coucals and ate the eggs.

But I thought I’d ask for an expert opinion. I contacted Associate Professor Paitoon Leksawasdi, an entomologist at Chiang Mai University.

Who robbed the coucals?

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The culprit? Asian Giant Hornet queen.

We have a pair of Greater Coucals in the garden. They’ve tried many times to raise young, but without success.

For some reason they seem to favour a stand of Buddha bamboo right in front of the house. It should be ideal – the bamboo is very dense and although it won’t keep snakes out, it deters our cats.