Now watering the garden can be fun!

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One of Amnat's windmills in the making.

Watering the garden can be a pleasure some days, wandering slowly around enjoying what you’ve created. But on other days it can be a bit of a bore, a chore that must be done, and which can’t be hurried.

But now there’s another way to get the garden watered and give yourself a bit of fun and exercise at the same time. It’s all thanks to Amnat Garnchang, who runs a cluttered workshop on the outskirts of Korat.

The cheerful and endlessly inventive Amnat Garnchang

Amnat’s main line is building windmills, and very fine they are, too, with the vanes painted in the red , white and blue of the Thai flag. He can build just about any size you want, and install it for you.

But this cheerful and inventive fellow has also built a number of machines to pump water using muscle power. He’ll happily demonstrate for you his stepper machine, and show you progress on his exercise bicycle. He also has plans to make a glider, or langlaufer machine.

Simply drop one hose into your pond or klong, or next door’s swimming pool, and attach the other to a sprinkler, then climb aboard and pump iron and water at the same time.

Amnat's yard is full of arcane but no doubt very useful junk.

Of course, you may not like exercise machines any more than the boredom of watering. Once more, the Genius of Korat has the answer: Invite the neighbours’ kids around to do the work for you. He’s also built a seesaw and a small carousel. Perfect. The carousel can be turned by kids pushing it or, of to one side, there is a seat with a pair of handles on the back of it. The carousel can be powered by rocking the seat, or by lifting and lowering the handles.

Amnat has appointed Garden in Siam as his official distributor in Phuket. We’ll put your machine on a truck and deliver anywhere in Thailand. Take a look at the catalogue pix below. To enquire about prices, add a comment at the bottom of this column.

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Ride the stepper seated...

...or stand on the pedals for more water power and more exercise...

...or if the mood takes you, ride it back-to-front.


The children's carousel. Just needs a coat of bright paint and it's ready to go.

The seesaw will keep the neighbours' kids busy for hours - to your advantage.


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