And you thought Jim Thompson was only about silk?

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Fields of sunn hemp, which is harvested to make organic fertiliser.

Continuing our wanderings in the Khao Yai area, we were taken by friends to the Jim Thompson Farm in Pak Tong Chai. The 600-rai farm was set up by the silk maker, initially to ensure a steady supply of mulberry plants and silkworm eggs. These days they grow a lot more there, including some of the largest pumpkins I’ve ever seen.

I Googled “World’s largest pumpkin” and found this site, and the pumpkins at the JT Farm are smaller. (For the record, let me state that I’m not a pumpkin expert, nor do I go round the world looking for giant pumpkins.) But they are still pretty darn big. 

The farm is entirely organic. They grow acres of fast-growing sunn hemp which is harvested for fertiliser. Each hemp plant produces dozens of bright yellow flowers – quite a sight. Reminded me of the fields of oilseed rape one sees in Europe. (For those who feel uncomfortable with a plant called rape, call it Brassica napobrassica instead – it’s what canola oil is made from.)

Unfortunately we were there on a weekday – there are organised tours of the farm, but only at the weekends – so we didn’t get to see all of its. But we did see enough to be impressed. The pix below give some idea of what it’s like.

The farm has a website here.

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Morning glory.

Geranium garden.


Some of the farm's bigger pumpkins.


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