Hanging around for a bit of sex

In Insects, Uncategorized on February 17, 2013 at 10:34 am

Birdwings mating

Pen with birdwing butterflies

Pen was gardening yesterday when a pair of birdwing butterflies, firmly locked in the embrace of Eros, landed on her arm.

Sex is tough for the female birdwing. The boyfriend locks his organs into hers then hangs upside down, wings folded, while she flies around, carrying him.

This female obviously needed to take a breather, and was so knackered that she didn’t notice she was landing on something that could, potentially, eat her and her paramour.

Quite why the birdwing female flies around with the boyfriend pumping away below is a mystery to me – seems like trying to run a marathon while carrying your bloke, locked to you in a carnal embrace.  Just imagining that is exhausting…

I’m sure there’s a good evolutionary reason. I just can’t think what it is.


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