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Who robbed the coucals?

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The culprit? Asian Giant Hornet queen.

We have a pair of Greater Coucals in the garden. They’ve tried many times to raise young, but without success.

For some reason they seem to favour a stand of Buddha bamboo right in front of the house. It should be ideal – the bamboo is very dense and although it won’t keep snakes out, it deters our cats. Read the rest of this entry »


Dances with drongos

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Greater racket-tailed drongo. Not my pic - got it from Wiki Commons. Pic by Nimesh Madhavan.

Had a visit today from a Greater Racket-tailed Drongo. We get a visit two or three times a week and it’s always a pleasure.

These birds are great. As juveniles they look fairly ordinary – black with a body length of about 32cm, and red eyes. But as they get to adulthood, they grow a prominent crest from the base of the beak, and two of their tail feathers grow and grow, until the tail is longer than the bird. These two feathers each consist of a naked shaft with a “racket” on the end – they really do look like badminton rackets.

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The bird that goes boo.

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A pair of coucals last year on our garden fence.

Among the more amusing birds in our garden are the coucals. Relatives of cuckoos, there are about 30 types of coucal worldwide, but only two in Thailand, the lesser and greater. Both have the same colouring – black apart from bright tan back and wings, and red eyes, the only differences being their size and their utterly distinctive calls, both of which carry a long way.

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